Celsa Steel

Celsa Steel UK is the largest provider of steel reinforcement in the UK and one of the largest manufacturers of other steel long products. From their facilities in Cardiff, they produce and deliver around 1.2 million tonnes of finished product each year, employing over 500 staff and several hundred sub-contractors in South Wales.

With a long tradition of offering high-value career opportunities within the Welsh industrial community it serves, Celsa initially met SKILLCERT to receive guidance on ways to utilise their new Apprenticeship Levy allocation. As part of this initial dialogue, Celsa appointed SKILLCERT as their preferred supplier for the introduction of production apprenticeships into their steel mills in Cardiff for the first time.

Celsa and SKILLCERT set up a working group to ensure that the approach was bespoke and met the ongoing needs of the client and the new apprentices. The consensus was that learners would benefit from a two-year programme. The initial twelve months would be spent undertaking a Performing Manufacturing Apprenticeship with additional engineering skills integrated into the qualification. To facilitate this, SKILLCERT partnered with the engineering school at Coleg Y Cymoedd. In their second year, candidates will progress onto the Metal processing and Allied Operations Wales.

SKILLCERT also designed a pre-employment course to ensure that high calibre candidates were recruited. This took the form of a 3 day pre-employment course and a new 5 day employee induction programme for all applicants. This included literacy and numeracy assessment, time on the production floor so that candidates gain an understanding of the manufacturing environment as well as interviews with both line managers and Human Resources. As a result of this process, four high calibre apprentices started their career paths in the steel sector in July 2018.

Luis Sanz, CEO & Managing Director - Celsa Steel UK

“By investing in the number and range of apprenticeship placement on offer, we are harnessing our power as a dynamic and successful Welsh business to expand the breadth of opportunities available to local young people at the company, whilst making sure we have the skilled workforce required to grow”

Bob Fleck – Learning & Development Manager - Celsa Steel UK

From the outset, we took a very collaborative approach to this recruitment process with SKILLCERT and the feedback from mentors on apprentice performance has justified that approach. We have agreed to cement these foundations and launch the next recruitment phase when we all agree it is appropriate to do so”